About BlueStreet Voices

BlueStreet Voices is a vocal jazz ensemble based out of Seattle, WA that performs tunes with a professional trio at our back. At our shows, we put forth everything from a foot-tappin’ jazz standard to classically arranged contemporary pop hits, including  Latin, blues, gospel, and rich ballads.

The mission of BlueStreet Voices is to promote vocal jazz education and music in the community, while providing high-quality, entertaining musical experiences for audiences and performers alike. BlueStreet offers its members diverse musical opportunities through experiencing, studying, and performing first-rate vocal jazz literature with an inspirational director and inspired accompanist.  

BlueStreet Voices is an IRS 501c(3) non-profit ensemble that hopes to inspire young people in our local middle school, high school, and college music programs. In 2014, BlueStreet was selected to perform at the Washington Music Educators Association's annual conference, held in Yakima, WA. BlueStreet was the only adult, community-based vocal jazz group on the program. We are very proud of this, as it is a key part of our educational outreach: To be role models for students and demonstrate that music can continue after graduation, regardless of your chosen profession.

BlueStreet Voices is a valuable and scarce resource of the Puget Sound music community, providing a rare opportunity for singers to continue their performance passion with a group of similarly passionate individuals after the college years have passed. 

BlueStreet does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, or ethnic origin in audition, invitations to sing, performance venues, scholarships, related activity associated to our organization. 

BlueStreet Voices is also available for private performances.  Put a little jazz in your next event or host a concert of your own.  For more information please contact us at bluestreetseattle@gmail.com or call 206-739-7558.

Meet The Team

Dave Barduhn


Karin Kajita

Tom Fallat

Sound Engineer


Seattle, WA
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