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Director Search

BlueStreet is seeking an Artistic Director for Season 2021 - 2022 and beyond

BlueStreet has been together for over 16 years.  We've built a family of singers and followers who have developed strong bonds, grown musically and built a community.   We are looking for a director to become part of our community, foster new relationships, develop new ideas and grow together in this next journey.  

Position Overview:  Direct, teach, motivate and inspire the vocal ensemble while developing performance themes through musical choices.  Choose musical repertoire, work closely with the accompanist and rhythm section, attend board meetings and help develop performance opportunities.  Promote a positive atmosphere of community within the organization.

Time Commitment:  Tuesday evenings for 2.5 hours, additional Saturday rehearsals approximately once a month for 3.5 hours.  The BlueStreet season runs from September through June.

The salary for this position is 2000.00 per quarter for 3 quarters.

The Position is Supervised by:  BlueStreet Jazz Voices Board of Directors



Duties & Responsibilities

1. Direct, lead, inspire and teach the ensemble

  • Direct the ensemble during weekly Tuesday evening rehearsals, plus monthly Saturday rehearsals and additional times identified by special needs

  • Direct the ensemble during performances

  • Teach the ensemble effective vocal and performance techniques

  • Audition, select and develop soloists for performances

  • Audition new members as needed

2. Select musical repertoire for each quarter and the season

  • Select musical repertoire from the current BlueStreet library

  • Commission and/or purchase new music and supplies, while staying within the annual budget

  • Notify ensemble of musical selections in advance of the beginning of each quarter

  • Work closely with the Librarian to make sure BlueStreet library is kept up

  • Ensure the accompanist has both the choral and band arrangements of the music that has been selected


3. Work closely with the board to create the annual calendar and performance dates

  • Attend monthly board meetings and give input

  • Assist in putting together the annual calendar and planning the ensemble’s events for the season, including dates for Saturday rehearsals, retreats and performances

  • Assist in creating concepts and themes for each performance

  • Assist in the mission of BlueStreet Jazz voices and promote growth within the choir and outreach to the community

4. Help coordinate logistics of shows and manage the day of performance logistics, staging and sound

  • Work closely with the board and the General Manager to coordinate venues for performances

  • Give input for “Fact Sheet” for each performance which will include show logistics, call times, set lists, expected dress, and other items pertaining to each show

  • Act as the liaison and point person during dress rehearsals, load in, sound check and performances

5. Work closely with accompanist and instrumentalists

  • Supervise the accompanist, make sure she/he has the correct music selections, calendars and performance information

  • Work with accompanist to select musicians for upcoming performances


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong leadership skills as well as the ability to work within a team setting

  • Thorough knowledge of and skill in rehearsal and conducting techniques

  • Flexibility in working with a diverse group of personalities and musical backgrounds

  • Possess effective interpersonal communication skills

  • Possess a positive attitude

Desired Education and Qualifications

  • B.A. or higher in Music, Music Education or Choral Conducting or related field

  • Experience directing a vocal or choral ensemble

  • Knowledge of a wide variety of musical styles and the ability to teach these varying styles to the ensemble



Application Process

Closing Date: April 6, 2020

Required Documents:

  • Letter of interest

  • Resume or relevant musical involvement history

How to Apply: Please attach the required documents in an email and send to

Selection Process: Once the application period closes, all applicants will be contacted by the chair of the selection committee.  Those selected to move forward will be asked to come in for an interview and given additional information at that time regarding the selection process and timeline.

Projected Selection date:  We intend to have our new Artistic Director selected no later than May 15, 2020

Questions or Additional Information: Please give us a call at 206-739-7558. 

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